About Me

I am Steve, the fella with the camera.  My favourite food is macaroni cheese, I love music and support the mighty Arsenal. Having moved to Cheltenham for a fresh start, I decided it was time to put my other passion to work for me! I have been into photography as a hobby for many years now, and think of my camera as an extension of myself as it is always attached to me! Wedding photography is not a full time job for me as I have a day job too, so in many ways I look upon it as a hobby.  It is something I really enjoy and I therefore put passion and heart into each shoot I do.

The first wedding I shot was as a favour for some close friends. The moment I started the shoot up until the moment I finished editing the last photograph I could not wait to do more.  Each Wedding I see as a new challenge to get better and try new and more adventurous shots.  It is this drive and enthusiasm which makes me a great choice to shoot your big day.  If you choose me then you will find that I leave no stone unturned, I spend a great deal of time preparing both with you and without.  My main aim is to give you exactly what you want and more, to quietly go about my business recording your day in a way that will capture your characters and personality.  I think of each shot as a beautiful snippet of time, so I plan elements of the day with care and detail to ensure I do not fail to capture them perfectly.  

Aside from Weddings I am available to shoot portraits, commercial work, events, pets and just about anything you like!

I am an approachable and unassuming guy, so please feel free to contact me to discuss anything further.

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